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ecoSmart - compact, transportable, convenient

ecoSmart - compact, transportable, convenient

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The ecoSmart from ecomove impresses with its compact design and minimal turning circle.
It can be dismantled in just a few easy steps and is ready for transport, meaning it can be used outdoors as well as indoors, for example in narrow alleys or long corridors in nursing homes and hospitals.

Delivery is expected within 10 working days.

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  • information

    Comfortably padded seat: relaxed driving on roads and paved paths.

    Seat and steering column: Can be individually adjusted for an ergonomic and relaxed seating position.

    Swivel seat for easy entry and exit.

    Easily dismantled without tools

  • Technical data

    Speed: 6km/h
    Range: 15 - 20 km
    Driving power: 200 watts (0.28 hp)
    Total length: 1080mm
    Width driving unit: 505 mm
    Seat height: 560 mm
    Seat width: 410mm
    Seat depth: 400 mm
    Total weight: 60kg
    Max. load: 130 kg